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People go on-line to complete tasks, not to continue them!

Tell Your Clients They're a Click Away!

You can schedule a flight to any part of the country or world, day or night, by simply jumping online and reserving a seat. But if you decide after business hours that you want your carpets cleaned next Tuesday because your parents are coming to visit, forget it. Sure, you can get a four hour window from a company and wait for them to call back when it’s convenient for them, but you don’t have time for that with every thing else on your mind. What have the airlines figured out that others haven't? FittleBug © lets YOUR prospects and customers schedule your services online quickly and easily. This is not a form, it is a dynamic real-time booking. Click the image below for a brief video  on your market today! 

John from San Francisco Results of his First Year using
FittleBug Real-Time Scheduling

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FittleBug Results

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Quit playing phone tag and start offering your clients the convenience of REAL-TIME scheduling...

FittleBug is more than "Just Scheduling"...

  • Design your FittleBug application around the way you run your business. Consumer options are 100% customizable to your verbiage, pricing, and times of services
  • Works great with one or multiple trucks
  • Assign your trucks to unique zip codes
  • Assign "categories" like "marble" to unique trucks
  • Set up dollar, percentage or customized promotions with unique codes for onetime or multiple use applications
  • Brand your FittleBug with your company brand colors, images, videos, and content
  • Allow down to the minute service time options or blocks of time - your choice!
  • Let you customers spread your greatness through the FittleBug "One-Click" social media referral tracking tool called S.A.F.E. (save a friend effort)
  • Set up automated email notifications that send out based on triggered events like appointment reminders, quality follow ups, or yearly reminders. Set em and Forget em!
  • Allow business further away with the "hidden cost" functionality for unique zip codes that adds to the cost of items automatically without calling it a "gas or service call charge".

and much more

See a full list of features

FittleBug's Favorite Reads

The Coming Storm by Steve Marsh

As Arlo Guthrie sang: Good Mornin' America How Are You? This well written piece helps carpet cleaners to understand what FittleBug has been saying for quite some time - PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOUR CONSUMERS WANT!!!

Instagram For Service Providers? Have you fallen into the trap of thinking that, if you’re a service provider there’s little you can share on Instagram? After all, you don’t have any products to photograph. And don’t forget the perception that business is boring.... BUT Read More...
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Here's an interesting piece about what Jeff calls potentially "short-sighted" marketing. It looks like there will be a sequel to follow...

Should You Publish Pricing on Your Website? The best article from a credible source on whether you should put your pricing on-line. Read More...
Beagle Research finds most people would prefer to book services online Image: Beagle Research finds most people would prefer to book services online

Perhaps the best indicator of receptivity to appointment scheduling is the high percentage of people (over 80%) who would be willing to set up a profile or account with a service provider to make subsequent appointment scheduling easier.

Finally, the perception that scheduled services are more valuable, which surfaced in the survey data, may give businesses the support they need to raise prices over time – or, equally important, hold the line on prices during a downturn. Small price differences would be an important part of any ROI calculation that could make an appointments system even more valuable.

Mobile Video on the Rise! Rise! Rise!

Mobile video has historically been held back by a single factor: bandwidth. But 4G LTE is changing that, and mobile video is already more popular on the faster wireless networks. 

Mobile video is quickly becoming a mass consumer phenomenon, much as digital photos were earlier in the smartphone adoption cycle.

Mobile Still Rising Higher and Higher Mobile is no longer a communications utility, but a media distribution hub. According to eMarketer, mobile now accounts for 12 percent of Americans' media consumption time, triple its share in 2009. Read More...
Social Login Preferences Across the Web

Surprise! Google login is used by more people than Facebook Connect, according to data from Janrain Engage, a site that puts login widgets on websites.

When we saw this chart we almost didn't believe it.

Groupon - Is it Profitable and what is the experience?

There is SO MUCH MORE insight, but - The most interesting thing about this stat is that even those that considered the experience unprofitable said that they upsold 25% of the people and the people that considered it a profitable experiences up sold 50%.

We at BusinessBridge will be introducing a needed solutions tool for the Service Industry to take advantage of this remarkably growing concept the really isn't new - just digitized!

Call us to find out more.... 630-444-2000

The Reality of the Working Women - 1.5M but worth it

She spends more time doing home related stuff at work than work related stuff at home. There is a Fascinating Chart breakdown of how much time she spends on various activities during a day. She's a powerful moving market you BETTER know how to reach - on her time!

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Jeff Cross - Executive Editor of Cleanfax ask:
Why did you build it?

Oct 9, 2014


WOW! Over 3000% return on investment in less than 30 days with FittleBug's online scheduling program! FittleBug booked 31 jobs worth over $6400 in 21 days; these jobs accounted for 30% of our business during that time... FittleBug is the best investment I have ever made. Here's our first month...   Read More...

We were one of FittleBug’s first customers. We have a lot of customers who are in the high tech industry and they wanted to be able to book online. To have a true online booking experience seemed like a daunting task. Fittlebug was exhibiting at Connections and we found that their program took the daunting out of the task. Our customers now have a true online booking experience and our business has been growing ever since.   
Image: Jeff Cross - The Cleaning Professor
"Fittlebug is a pretty cool concept, allowing carpet cleaning customers to be in control of when and how they set up their appointments. I’m not aware of any other product in our industry like this, although we do see them in other industries.”

FittleBug Updates

Integration with Service MonsterImage: Integration with Service Monster FittleBug instantly syncs calendars with ServiceMonster, reducing administration time, cost and frustration of double entry.

Both Steve Mastio (maker of FittleBug) and Joe Kowalski (maker of ServiceMonster) strive to bring empowering products to the carpet cleaning industry. With the latest version of FittleBug consumers can book you online and NOW all the information flows immediately into your ServiceMonster software. Don't worry about having to update both calendars. If you need to change the time or date of an appointment in ServiceMonster, it automatically updates your online calendar of availability to the consumers on FittleBug. If you don't have or need Service Monster, just keep track of your appointments with the FittleBug calendar.

Think how nice it would be to just clean and not worry about administration scheduling.

We Help You PromoteImage: We Help You Promote

One of our latest clients Healthy Choice Carpet Cleaning located in San Francisco opted to tell his marketplace with this video and booked 9 clients online in his first 5 Days! Who's Next?

Two Powerful New Features... Same Low PriceImage: Two Powerful New Features... Same Low Price

We kept listening to our clients and they keep bringing great suggestions!  FittleBug now has two additional features:

  1. Built in Travel Distance Charge
  2. Zip Code Assignments to Specific Trucks
Let Them BookImage: Let Them Book Rethink where your customers are. If they are searching for you online, just maybe they might want to book your services there as well. FittleBug real-time scheduling lets them do just that,,,
Case Study: How one client's business grew from Fittlebug
Yeah... you've got options Studies indicate 40% of first time callers hang up before leaving a voicemail. According to Angie’s List, the number one complaint about small businesses is that they don’t answer their phone calls. The Purdue University’s Center for Customer Driven Quality states, if you do not resolve the caller’s need on the first call, there is a 69% chance you will lose the sale.  Kinda makes FittleBug the ultimate Call to Action.... let them do it themselves.
2010 Connections ConferenceImage: 2010 Connections Conference See what one of our clients, Bill, said about us at the 2010 Connections Conference. Read More...